Super 10 Drag System

A series of ten washers with alternating stainless steel and fiber materials are designed and strategically positioned to dissipate heat and provide a smooth and powerful drag operation. The wide range adjustment is easily set to your fishing conditions.

Triple Support Main Shaft

The main shaft runs through three rigid supports within the reel body. This prevents distortion or 'torquing' of the main shaft and spool when fighting hard running game fish and maintains a smooth and powerful drag function.

Multi Stack Drag Washers

The Multi Stack Drag Washers designed in Pinnacle Reels provide plenty of fish fighting power with a smoothand consistent drag operation. Properly adjusted, the multi stack drag washers in your Pinnacle Reel will help you land that trophy fish even when it far out-weighs the pound test of the line you are using.

7.0:1 Super High Speed Gear Ratio

The key to the various gear ratios available in today's fishing reels is line recovery, or the number of inches of line recovered with each turn of the handle (IPT). IPT is a factor of gear ratio, spool diameter and the amount of line on the spool. With the spool filled to capacity, the 7.0:1 gear ratio available in several Pinnacle low profile baitcast reels delivers an amazing 30 IPT, or 30 inches of line recovered with each crank of the handle. Whether fishing conditions call for a super high speed retrieve or you simply want to retrieve your bait quickly through unproductive water, you have the advantage with Pinnacle's 7.0:1 super high speed reels.

Tandem Cast Control (TCC)

An exclusive Pinnacle feature, Tandem Cast Control (TCC) combines both magnetic and centrifugal cast controls with one easy to adjust external dial. The result is the ultimate in casting distance and performance. At the beginning of the cast, Tandem Cast Control automatically engages the 4-pin centrifugal brake to prevent line build-up and resulting backlash. Then precision magnetic brakes take over to slow the spool and help prevent line overrun at the end of the cast.

8 Mag Magnetic Brake System

Pinnacle improves a time-tested magnetic brake system by doubling the number of working magnets from 4 to a total of 8. The additional magnetic force provides greater braking range and precise control of the light weight aluminum spool to help prevent backlash. Pinnacle's 8 Mag System and external adjustment dial will result in more productive fishing time and less time untangling troublesome backlashes.

Easy Dial Centrifugal Brake System

Another Pinnacle Innovation where our engineers have taken proven technology and made it better. Rather than fumbling trying to set the tiny brake shoes as in conventional centrifugal systems, the Easy Dial Centrifugal Brake System incorporates a simple 'set it and forget it' dial to activate the brake shoes. Adjust the dial from 0 to 6 depending on your casting situation to engage or disengage up to 6 centrifugal brakes.

Metal Frame

The one-piece Metal Frame and gearbox are made of die-cast aluminum alloy and precision CNC milled. The resulting rigidity of the metal frame and gearbox eliminates flex or torquing and allows the gears and other internal parts to maintain perfect alignment even under the most severe fish-fighting pressures.

Quick Access Side Plate

All Pinnacle bait cast reels feature a bayonet style locking side plate design for fast and easy spool access. No tools are required. Slide the front of the side plate down to disengage the locking mechanism, then lift the side plate off the frame to change spools or to set the brake controls. Some reel models have a release button containing the Pinnacle logo on the side plate. Where available, first depress this button and then slide the side plate down.

Titanium Shielded Line Guide

The level-wind line guide is a small part which often goes unnoticed ...unless an abrasive braided line cuts into it and you lose a tournament winning fish. So our Scion, Lucille, Vision, Alyssa XLT, Pro XLT and Matrix Series baitcast reels feature Titanium-Shielded Line Guides that allow line to spool on or off the reel with virtually no friction or damage, even from the most abrasive braids.

High Precision Gears

Our gears are individually machined from high quality brass bar stock to ensure optimum strength and the smoothest possible gear feel. Each gear is milled on our exclusive hobbing machines to ensure absolute precision, feel and durability.

Anti Corrosion Bearings (ACB)

Pinnacle's ACB bearings are specially treated to resist corrosion during saltwater fishing conditions. Pinnacle's ACB Bearings last 10 times longer than standard non-treated steel bearings to ensure trouble free fishing in a corrosive saltwater environment. Check out our inshore baitcast and Coastal Power metal spinning reels with ACB!

Unlimited Anti-Reverse (UAR)

When you turn the selective Unlimited Anti-Reverse switch on, the handle and rotor turn in only one (forward) direction. This elimination of any backward movement or 'play' helps prevent slack line and wind knots and allows for rock solid hook sets. Turn the switch off for a silky smooth retrieve in either forward or backward direction.

SharpStop Anti-Reverse

Pinnacle's 20-point SharpStop, like our Unlimited Anti-Reverse, works to reduce rotor and handle backslap in spinning reels. Different from traditional 8 point anti-reverse spinning reels, SharpStop anti-reverse mechanism works in conjunction with the rotor to produce 20 stop points.You'll detect bites easier and set the hook much more solidly with SharpStop Anti-Reverse.

ResistTwist Line Roller

Pinnacle spinning reels offer a unique ResistTwist line roller design which helps minimize dreaded line-twist. Typical line rollers force the line to roll and slide side to side during retrieve. The ResistTwist concept holds the line in place preventing the line from sliding thus minimizing line twist. A simple but ingenious way to reduce line twist so that you can continue fishing without tangles or break-offs.

Trulon Enhanced Drags

Select Pinnacle reels use over-sized drag washers made of our exclusive Trulon enhanced material. This material retains its superior braking and heat-dissipating properties even when wet or under the strain of a hard running game fish. The low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance properties make Trulon drags the material of choice.

HIP Graphite

HIP is an abbreviation for High Intensity Polymer. This is a proprietary resin used in making high quality graphite rods. It helps to tightly bond the various layers of graphite preventing delaminating and enhancing sensitivity.

Graphite Composite

Rods constructed using a blend of graphite and fiberglass materials.

Dual Layer Construction

A proprietary method of rod manufacture resulting in an extremely strong and durable rod blank.

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