Technical Highlights Rods
Double Helical Construction (DHC5)

Double Helical ConstructionPinnacle’s exclusive Double Helical Construction (DHC5) allows for dramatically reduced rod weight and increased sensitivity, while maximizing strength and durability. The process begins with high-density carbon tapewrapped around the length of a mandrel. Next, layers of high-modulus, uni-directional graphite prepreg, without glass scrim, are applied over the initial carbon tape wrap. Normally, eliminating scrim would make for too brittle a rod, but that’s not the case with DHC5. We reinforce blank strength by rolling another layer of high-density carbon tape over the graphite prepreg in the opposite direction of the first carbon wrap. The end result is an amazingly light, ultra-sensitive rod that’s also extremely rugged and powerful.

Fuji® Components

Fuji ComponentsAll Perfecta™ rods feature Fuji® guides with Alconite rings and diamond-polished stainless steel frames. Alconite – a unique ceramic – is 20 percent lighter than aluminum oxide, but delivers 80 percent greatercompression resistance. Diamond-polishing the stainless steel frames creates a finish that’s 20 percent smoother than Hardloy. The use of Alconite, along with Fuji’s “New Concept” frames, results in guides up to 35 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger than ordinary guides. Perfecta rods also boast lightweight yet durable Fuji ACS or VSS reel seats for a comfortable grip and increased sensitivity.

Heavy Epoxy Coating

Heavy Epoxy CoatingOur two-part, slow-curing heavy epoxy coating process ensures maximum protection against cracking that canresult from UV damage. Ordinary rods typically feature only one UV coating that can become brittle and crack over time.

Unique Hook Keeper Design

Unique Hook Keeper DesignEach Tournament Class Perfecta™ Rod features a specially designed and positioned hook keeper for securingyour lure when not in use. Unlike most hook keepers, this one features an open design that makes it easier to secure a rigged lure. It’s also strategically positioned on the underside of the blank to prevent interference with your line when you’re fishing.

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