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Titanium Deposition Finish

Titanium Deposition FinishThe side covers on our all-metal Optimus™ XLT/XT and Performa™ XLT/XT baitcasters are specially treatedwith a Titanium Deposition (Titanium Nitride) finish. Unlike painted reels, where the paint will eventually flake, this coating is extremely durable and highly resistant to nicks and scratches. The Titanium particles are vaporized in a vacuum chamber to induce chemical bonding to the aluminum alloy surface of the side covers. This makes the finish significantly stronger and more durable than any painted surface.

QuickFlip™ Button

QuickFlip ButtonThe industry’s first QuickFlip™ Button (on all Optimus™ model baitcasters) is ergonomically-designed andlocated on the right side of the reel frame. The button’s accessibility and ease-of-use allows the angler to engage the gear without turning the handle the instant a bite is detected. That means fewer “missed” fish and more solid hook-sets.

Tandem Cast Control (TCC)

Tandem Cast ControlTandem Cast Control combines the best properties of magnetic and centrifugal braking systems to maximizecasting distance and virtually eliminate backlash. The exact brake setting desired can be selected by adjusting the easy-to-use dial. Here’s how TCC works. At the beginning of a cast, the spool turns at incredibly high RPM. Because the centrifugal system is best suited to control backlash when the spool is spinning fast, it takes over during this phase of the cast. The magnetic braking system performs best when the spool is turning at slower speeds, so it comes into play toward the end of the cast. Combining both braking systems allows for optimum control over the entire range of spool RPM during every cast.

Duralumin Reel Components

Duralumin Reel ComponentsThe drive gear, drive shaft and worm gear of every Tournament Class Optimus™ baitcaster are composed ofDuralumin – an aluminum alloy that’s 70 percent lighter and 20 percent stronger than brass. This allows for increased strength and durability, while minimizing overall reel weight.

Carbon Fiber Drag Washers

Carbon Fiber Drag WashersAll Tournament Class reels feature multi-stack drag systems that incorporate cross-woven uni-directional carbondrag washers for superior smoothness, consistency and fish-stopping power.

X-Bone™ Metal Frame & Side Covers

XBone Metal Frame & Slide CoversPinnacle’s Tournament Class baitcasters feature an X-pattern frame layout engineered to equally distribute theamount of critical stress points (similar to an automobile chassis), which ideally compensates the total weight load. This maximizes rigidity and increases the tensile strength of the entire framework of the reel. Aluminum metal alloy frame construction and metal side covers also minimize torque, keeping the gears and components in perfect alignment under heavy loads.

Ported Aluminum Spool

Ported Aluminum SpoolEach Tournament Class Performa™ XT Spinning Reel boasts a durable, cold-forged ported aluminum spool. Theprecision cross-drilled holes on the skirt of the spool ensure optimum balance and help reduce reel weight.

Waterproof Multi-Stack Drag System

Waterproof Multi-Stack Drag SystemEvery Tournament Class Performa™ XT Spinning Reel features a sealed, waterproof drag housing designed tokeep water, moisture and impurities away from the washers and system components. This provides maximum corrosion resistance and ensures smooth, reliable drag performance under all conditions.

QuickFold™ Folding Handle

QuickFold Folding HandleThe uniquely designed handle arm on our Tournament Class Performa™ XT Spinning Reel is not only strong anddurable, it also folds down conveniently with the touch of a button for easy transport and storage.

Quick Access Bearing Line Roller

Quick Access Bearing Line RollerThe exclusive design of the Line Roller system on every Performa™ XT Spinning Reel not only significantlyreduces line twist, it also makes periodic maintenance an easy task. All it takes is the removal of a single screw to access and clean the stainless steel bearing and roller assembly inside.

Multi-Stack Drag Washer

Multi-Stack Drag WasherThe Multi-Stack Drag Washers designed in Pinnacle Reels provide plenty of fish fighting power with a smoothand consistent drag operation. Properly adjusted, the Multi-Stack Drag Washers in your Pinnacle Reel will help you land that trophy fish even when it far out-weighs the pound test of the line you are using.

7.0:1 Super High Speed Gear Ratio

Super High Speed Gear RatioThe key to the various gear ratios available in today's fishing reels is line recovery, or the number of inches of linerecovered with each turn of the handle (IPT). IPT is a factor of gear ratio, spool diameter and the amount of line on the spool. With the spool filled to capacity, the 7.0:1 gear ratio available in several Pinnacle low profile baitcast reels delivers an amazing 30 IPT, or 30 inches of line recovered with each crank of the handle. Whether fishing conditions call for a super high-speed retrieve, or you simply want to retrieve your bait quickly through unproductive water, you have the advantage with Pinnacle's 7.0:1 super high-speed reels.

8 Mag Magnetic Brake System

8Mag Magnetic Brake SystemPinnacle improves a time-tested magnetic brake system by doubling the number of working magnets from 4 to atotal of 8. The additional magnetic force provides greater braking range and precise control of the lightweight aluminum spool to help prevent backlash. Pinnacle's 8 Mag System and external adjustment dial will result in more productive fishing time and less time untangling troublesome backlashes.

Easy Dial Centrifugal Brake System

EasyDialCentrifugalBrakeSystemAnother Pinnacle Innovation where our engineers have taken proven technology and made it even better. Ratherthan fumbling to set the tiny brake shoes, as in conventional centrifugal systems, the Easy Dial Centrifugal Brake System incorporates a simple 'set it and forget it' dial to activate the brake shoes. Adjust the dial from 0 to 6 depending on your casting situation to engage or disengage up to 6 centrifugal brakes.

Metal Frame

Metal FrameThe one-piece Metal Frame and gearbox are made of die-cast aluminum alloy and precision CNC milled. Theresulting rigidity of the metal frame and gearbox eliminates flex or torquing, allowing the gears and other internal parts to maintain perfect alignment, even under the most severe fish-fighting pressure.

High Precision Gears

High Precision GearsOur gears are individually machined from high quality brass bar stock for maximum strength and the smoothestpossible operation. Each gear is milled on our exclusive hobbing machines to ensure absolute precision, optimum feel and unsurpassed durability.

Unlimited Anti-Reverse™ (UAR)

When you turn the selective Unlimited Anti-Reverse™ switch on, the handle and rotor turn in only one (forward) direction. This elimination of any backward movement or 'play' helps prevent slack line and wind knots, allowing for rock solid hook-sets. Turn the switch off for a silky smooth retrieve in either forward or backward direction.

SharpStop™ Anti-Reverse

Pinnacle's 20-point SharpStop™, like our Unlimited Anti-Reverse™, works to reduce rotor and handle backslap in spinning reels. Different from traditional 8 point anti-reverse spinning reels, the SharpStop™ Anti-Reverse mechanism works in conjunction with the rotor to produce 20 stop points. SharpStop™ Anti-Reverse lets you better detect subtle bites, while also allowing for more solid, positive hook-sets.

ResistTwist™ Line Roller

Pinnacle spinning reels feature a unique ResistTwist™ Line Roller design that helps minimize dreaded line-twist. Typical line rollers force the line to roll and slide from side to side during retrieve. The ResistTwist™ concept holds the line in place to prevent the line from sliding, thus minimizing line twist. A simple but ingenious way to reduce line twist so that you can continue fishing without tangles or break-offs.

Trulon Enhanced Drags

Select Pinnacle reels use over-sized drag washers made of our exclusive Trulon enhanced material. This material retains its superior braking and heat-dissipating properties even when wet or under the strain of a hard-running game fish. The low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance properties make Trulon drags the material of choice.

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